Massimiliano Sticca Photographer

Scent of Dark

Xerjoff for Tony Iommi

When: September 2021

Where: UK

What: Commercial Photography


Scent of Dark: a perfume, a musical work, a video, a story of a friendship and the encounter between two artists and two arts: Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath founder and leader, and Sergio Momo, founder of Xerjoff Perfumes.

Video Production: Daniele Brancaccio & Massimiliano Sticca
Storybard: Sergio Momo
Special FX: Donato Sansone
Location: Pig Music Studio and Sundeley Castle

“Scent of Dark” Credits
Tony Iommi: guitar, writer
Sergio Momo: guitar
Jimmy Crutchley: bass
Ash Sheehan: drums
Rebecca Rose: cello
Julianne Bourne: violin
Mike Exeter: producer


Official ADV

Tony Iommi & Sergio Momo