Massimiliano Sticca Photographer


Star Michelin Restaurant in Turin

When: March 2019

Where: Turin

What: Interior Photography at Magorabin

  A Michelin Star restaurant since 2013. According to the story, Magorabin is torino’s ‘boogeyman’. Since 2003, it is also the destination for a contemporary take on torino’s cuisine and the place to experience a unique take on hospitality, just off its iconic Mole Antonelliana. Through its attention to detail, comfort and care, and a gourmet approach to the table, Magorabin extends the vocabulary of taste, whether it’s in one of its dishes at the restaurant or in a glass at the newly launched cocktail bar, in the nearby space where it all started many years ago. A dynamic force in constant evolution, Magorabin is contemporary, its design reflecting the global nature of chef patron Marcello Trentini, who nonetheless remains strongly attached to Torino.

Magorabin Restaurant